Past, present and future.One device.

Our all-in-one device helps farmers and service providers monitor their ponds with past, current and future chemical measurements.


Blubrim’s expertise improves water quality tests for farmers.

Our mission: eliminate losses by increasing culture quality.


Why sustainable farming helps our planet?

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Why do I have “normal” losses?

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Can water quality increase culture quality?

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Our amazing team

François D’Amours-Lavoie


François’ initiative and leadership allow him to innovate in an environment where competition is hard. Perseverance and devotion define him well. He knows how to transform good ideas in revolutionary products that will change the world.

Alexandru Marin


Alexandru’s passion for applied sciences first developed during his youth. His fascination for electronics has created a motivation to design new products. His resourcefulness and creativity help him work on his goal of improving quality of life through innovation.

Renaud Varin

Electrical Technician

Jacky Chhan

Software Developer

Tristan Fortier-Parra

Mechanical Technician

Charles D’Amours-Lavoie

Mechanical Engineer

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